Thank you for visiting SEALhouette Japan BASE-shop.
This shop is a web-shop that aims to spread the SEAL, which is the part of Japanese traditional culture, to the world from a new point of view.
The origin of the name of our shop is the coined word which was multiplied “Seal” and “Silhouette”.
The print of the seal minces “Your Character”, just like a light and shadow brings forth beautiful modeling by only two colors there.
We gave this name “SEALhouette” hoping people all over the world to know this one of the beautiful Japanese culture.

Originally, in Japan, the seal is the only one of the accessories indispensable for daily usage. However, now, how about making your name, the important key word of your life, or the word that you want to present to your precious person in a shape of printed seal through our products “SEALhouette”?
It will definitely keep shining throughout your life as an only one heart-warming treasure in the world, which is totally different from gorgeous jewelry or accessories.

Please make order for our “SEALhouette” for your precious, friends, and not to mention for yourself.


当ショップの名前の由来は日本語の印鑑を表す“SEAL (シール)”と影法師を表す“Silhouette (シルエット)”を掛け合わせた造語です。



ご自身用はもちろんのこと、アナタの大切な人への贈り物に、ぜひ当社の印鑑 -SEALhouette-をご利用下さい。